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Vice President Picture Today's communications reality depends on moving massive amounts of voice, data and image traffic over rapidly converging networks of copper wire, cable, fiber optics and air. Broadband connectivity is the only way to realize this new paradigm. At Mitel Semiconductor, we have a vision - we are the broadband connectivity company for wireline, wireless and optical markets, and we focus on Quality of Service to make integrated communications better than ever before.

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Leading-edge companies rely on our silicon solutions to create the products that run the public switched telephone network (PSTN), the Internet, and cable, wireless and optical networks worldwide. We've proven our ability to deliver innovative products with superior price performance. We offer our customers a clear road map that removes the confusion of an unpredictable future in the communications marketplace.

Adding value in the semiconductor market means understanding what makes our customers successful. We employ the best sales and technical professionals -- people who understand the technology, system and regulatory issues that customers face. Sharing that valuable information makes us an indispensable partner to our customers' design teams. Working together, we help customers deliver superior products to market faster.

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