Multi-Sourced Parallel Fiber Modules - the 625 Family

Mitel Semiconductor is proud to announce their collaboration with two other major suppliers to create common specifications for Parallel Fiber Modules. Two Multi-Source Agreements (MSAs) have been established, which will set the industry standard for the next generation of parallel fiber-optic modules.

The modules are designed to meet skyrocketing demand for network capacity in proprietary terabit switch/router links as well as very short reach OC-192 and Infiniband connections.

Targeting a variety of high throughput fiber optic communications applications, the new 625 Family from Mitel Semiconductor covers two product types:

Design concept drawing of a Ball Grid Array 625 Family Module

These new Parallel Fiber Modules are based on Mitel Semiconductor's patented Smart OSA self-aligning assembly technology, as already employed in the 623 Family of 12, 8 and 4 channel Transmitter and Receiver Modules.

The common features of the new modules are:

Part Number MFS62520 MFT62540 MFR62540
Device Type 4 + 4 Channel Transceiver 12 Channel Transmitter 12 Channel Receiver
Channel Data Rate (Gbaud) 1 to 2.5 1 to 2.7 (Note 2) 1 to 2.7 (Note 2)
Maximum data Throughput (Gbaud) 20 (10 in each direction) 30 (transmit only) 30 (receive only)
Maximum Link Length (Note 3) 300m 220m 220m
Partner(s) in MSA Agilent Technologies Agilent Technologies
W L Gore & Associates
Agilent Technologies
W L Gore & Associates


  1. MTPTM is a registered trademark of USConec
  2. Supports 2.488 Gbps with Forward Error Correction (FEC)
  3. Using 50/125 µm, multi-mode fiber

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