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Integrated DTMF Receiver PDF(10K) PDF(447K) Mar 1997

Application Notes

These application notes are relevant to this product. Download by clicking on the PDF link.:

Applications of The MT8870 Integrated DTMF Receiver MT8870D-1 MT8870D msan-108.pdf

Year 2000

The following Year 2000 compliance information may be relevant to the MT8870D.

MT8870DE Y2K Compliant
MT8870DE-1 Y2K Compliant
MT8870DN Y2K Compliant
MT8870DNR Y2K Compliant
MT8870DS Y2K Compliant
MT8870DS-1 Y2K Compliant
MT8870DSR Y2K Compliant
MT8870DSR-1 Y2K Compliant

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