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Mitel Semiconductor has used the Year 2000 challenge as an opportunity to review our operations and internal systems and to identify and address Year 2000-related issues. Mitel Semiconductor with the assistance of a dedicated Mitel corporate Year 2000 Project Management Office and with the co-operation of our customers, suppliers and other business partners believes that it is ready for the Year 2000 transition because our preparations have included steps to avoid critical Year 2000 scenarios, plans to manage potential problem situations and the identification of recovery paths from unexpected events.

Mitel Semiconductor recognizes the Year 2000 challenge as a serious business issue and has made it a priority to take reasonable steps for continuing business operations going forward. With the full backing of senior management, including the Mitel Corporation (Mitel) Board of Directors, Mitel Semiconductor has taken measures to address and deal with Year 2000 readiness issues across the Division.

The Year 2000 Readiness Program includes a comprehensive internal communication program involving Mitel Semiconductor employees worldwide and features highly visible, centrally tracked, and actively managed project databases. The Year 2000 Readiness Program is progressing with extensive testing of internal mission critical business processes used by Mitel Semiconductor and contingency plans in order to reduce possible risk.

Mitel is proceeding with corporate-wide risk management and contingency planning to address internal and external factors that could potentially affect our business operations. Detailed Year 2000 risk assessments have been made across Mitel with contingency plans being monitored and adjusted as the exercise progresses through March 2000.

Mitel Semiconductor has adopted the British Standards Institution standard for Year 2000 readiness. Mitel Semiconductor has completed tests to assess the Year 2000 readiness of our products.

Mitel Semiconductor's Vendor and Distributor Management Programs involve close collaboration with certain suppliers and distributors to assess the Year 2000 readiness of their operations, their products and their services. These programs involve the collection of objective evidence of the state of readiness of certain key suppliers and distributors and audits of their Year 2000 programs. Contingency plans for critical suppliers have been developed and are being proactively implemented to minimize the likelihood of an interruption of supply of goods or services to Mitel Semiconductor.

Mitel Semiconductor is confident that we have taken reasonable steps to reduce the risk of disruption to our business operations due to Year 2000 related issued and believe they will continue prior to, during, and after the Year 2000.

The information provided in this communication constitutes a "Year 2000 Readiness Disclosure" as that term is defined in the Year 2000 Information and Readiness Disclosure Act, U.S.P.L. 105-271. Nothing in this disclosure shall be deemed to amend the terms of any contract or warranty unless otherwise expressly agreed by Mitel Semiconductor.

Should you have any questions about this letter or information concerning the Mitel Semiconductor Year 2000 Program, please contact Phil Gallant, Year 2000 Program Coordinator, at (613) 592-2122 or by e-mail at

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