Choosing the Right Type of Wireless Adapter for Gaming

There is no way a computer can connect you to the internet if it doesn’t have a network connection. While an Ethernet cable can help take care of this problem, there is no doubt that a WI-FI connection would be a much better option. This is because it not only more convenient but it also helps reduce the number of cables coming from your router to your computer.

Using a wireless connection requires you to be able to communicate with a particular internet service provider (ISP) which then goes ahead to enable access to the internet. You will need to have a wireless radio integrated if you are to be able to receive or transmit any data through the network. In this case, if your PC is not already equipped with a wireless adapter, then you will need to get one. Given the ease of use of a USB, most people find this interface to be the easiest one to use. The devices are used to assist in connecting your computer to the internet. Click here to read more about finding a good USB wireless adapter for gaming.





How to enable WI-FI connection on your computer?

There are numerous ways to use Wi-Fi on your computer. These include:

USB Adapter

One of the most accessible types of Wifi adapter implementation is the USB, and it is also the easiest one to install. You only need to connect one into any available ports, and then if your computers don’t have the drivers required to use them you may need to download them. The problem with this type is that it will use at least one port. Therefore, you must keep the cable connected while browsing.

Desktop Motherboard

This one can be inbuilt into the motherboard itself or in other cases it is used as an add-on. They are quite convenient as they are out of the way taking up no space. However, most integrate the use of an antenna that needs to be placed outside to prevent interferences on the signal strength.


Most modern devices such as tablets and smartphones come with an inbuilt Wi-Fi. The setup is very convenient as it comes as part of the gadget. However, this means that upgrading it is almost impossible thus keeping up with the pace of wireless standards becomes an issue.

PCIe (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express)

These are compatible cards that are placed on the slots on your PC’s motherboard and do not need to have access to the internals of the system. They usually come with antennae that are fitted at the back to maximize the range. Though they are highly standardized, it is almost impossible for the end users to upgrade them.


In summary, wireless Adapters are pretty small and highly effective tools that offer high WI-Fi speed without any buffers and interference. It has numerous advantages include the ease of installation and use. These factors all make it a common method to use when you want to connect your computer to the network. You will need to consider the kind of network you are connecting the wireless adapter to before you purchase it.